NeoSpace is a new company established in response to the Polish Space Strategy guidelines that consider SSA as one of the most important fields of involvement of the Polish space sector. The focus of the Company is directed to Near Earth Objects – data acquisition, processing, and dissemination – but any kind of activity that requires deep knowledge of celestial mechanics and orbital calculations is assessed as a possible area of the interest.

The company is a 50-50 joint venture between SpaceDyS, an Italian SME, and Polish individuals

Qualifications of shareholders justify activities in the NEO field of interest since all of them have got a Ph.D. in physics or astronomy and 3 in particular dedicated their scientific careers to asteroid dynamics and physics. Senior shareholders are Professors involved in academic teaching and tutoring on all levels of high education, involved in orbit determination and rigid body dynamics. They have also managed academic institutes as directors. Younger team members are experienced programmers, astronomers, and geophysicists. Three shareholders have managed research projects, the two senior ones also big international endeavors.

All Polish partners in NeoSpace have a long record of cooperation and joint participation in projects dedicated to planetary system bodies with leading experts in this field.