Python development.

The software solutions delivered by our firm meet the following requirements: a) may be run in various hardware configurations, b) should run cyclically or on-demand, c) should provide autoconfiguration function, d) the program should provide information about all previous observations of targets (specified by names) collected in astrophysical databases, e) should prepare and structurize the list of ephemerides provided in local and provided in an external URL folder, f) should validate FITS files based on header data: coverage between the field of view (FOV) and area of interest (AOI) defined by RA, DEC, and their uncertainties, g) should provide visualizations of downloaded FITS files and AOI as graphic files or PDF, and region files in DS9 or analogous software.

We are using the following external libraries like astropy, numpy, matplotlib etc.

There are two main use scenarios provided. First: simple run on the local machine, second continuously running on the cloud-based virtual machine (i.e. Microsoft Azure).